From the President, Bob McKinney

I just finished my article about 15 minutes ago and after spell check (I need spell check), I must have pushed a wrong button because all of my article disappeared into thin air.  Now I have to try to remember what I wrote, as it was very good.  Let me start by saying I am very passionate about Living Lord Lutheran Church and our problems.  Karin and I always say we love all of you as you are our extended family…and we really mean that.  Sometimes when I am talking to you, I get very passionate and a little carried away.  Well, I did that last Sunday at Fellowship, and I want to apologize about that.  I will try hard not to do that again, but I might.  So, you will have to bear with me about all this, so if I get carried away again, just throw something at me and I will stop!

On to another project I am passionate about and that is our membership drive that I am spearheading for this year.  It will be tied in with our 60th Anniversary this year.  I will have a meeting shortly with other church members to discuss some plans for the year.  We are looking to work outside the box doing things we have not tried before.  These are a few things I am looking at:  Advertising – I have talked with a sales representative down at the Tribune and received prices to work with them throughout the year for print advertising.  I would like to recommend to the Council to create an advertising fund to draw from when we do print advertising.  Direct Bulk Mailing – Direct bulk mailing of a full color postcard to 3,000 homes in our area introducing ourselves and also included in my talks with them would be mailing to new people moving into our area each month.  (What a great idea and not very expensive.)  Picnic – Having a free function in our yard for area neighbors this summer.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, etc., and maybe it would be fun to tie in a flea market that same day as a draw.  Maybe have an open house also that day.  Pumpkin Patch – I am looking into this.  It’s not a bad idea.  There is no upfront money involved.  It is a company that is 20-25 years old, and they work mostly with churches.  This would be more of a fundraiser.  They deliver the pumpkins, they set the prices, and take a percentage of the sales.  We sit on one of the busiest roads in the area and should have no trouble selling many pumpkins.  This is more labor intensive, and we would have to figure that out.  What a different idea and I cannot remember any church in our area doing something like this.  Enough on this subject.

Another project I was involved in and very passionate about was our new digital sign that will be installed soon.  This will allow us to talk to the world and tell everyone about Living Lord Lutheran Church and what we have to offer as a church.  This was a Fuchs funded project, and it was recommended by our Property Committee to the Council.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about this, and it is another step into the digital world.  Way to go Council!

Well, you know I cannot stop without saying something about our possibly leaving the ELCA.  I will say the Synod and the Bishop have been very helpful sending us information that we need.  We have gathered other information that will help the process go smoother and that is what we want.  But I want the congregation to know you have the final say in all of this.  And let me tell you one of our biggest concerns was what will happen to our property and buildings.  Now this is from the Synod and Bishop Barbins that the Synod will not have claim to said property.  Now everybody can take a breath about that.  OK I am going to stop and take a breath myself.

One more thing, if you get this before Easter, please plan to attend our Holy Week services:  Maundy Thursday Service and Good Friday Service at 4:00 pm and Easter Sunday Service at 9:30 am.  May God be with you and have a blessed Easter!


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