From the Call Committee Chairperson, Robert McKinney

First let me say I am sorry for the length of time between our last update to the congregation.  We have been waiting for a meeting with the Synod for quite some time.  I was contacted by Pastor Karl Biermann, who is the person that works with the Call Committees.  We were able to set up a Zoom meeting on March 16, 2021, at the church with Call Committee members present.  As we had discussed during our Annual Meeting in January and a resolution was passed by those present that we would consider a shared pastor with another church or a part-time pastor.  It was explained to us by Pastor Biermann at the Zoom meeting that the process of securing a shared pastor include finding a local congregation that is agreeable to sharing a pastor, with that step being completed by Living Lord Lutheran Church members.  Once that congregation is identified, Pastor Julianne Smith from the Synod should be contacted.  Pastor Biermann was, I think, pushing toward a full-time pastor for Living Lord.  We discussed financial constraints and the ability for Living Lord to afford a full-time pastor.  The average salary with benefits averages between $85,000 to $95,000.  The Call Committee will now begin the process of contacting area Lutheran Churches to find out their pastor status.  Your Call Committee will be meeting on a more regular basis and we will update you on our status.