From the Interim Pastor, Larry Klinker

I am just learning how things are done at Living Lord Lutheran Church.  I notice that you will be hanging the greens on Saturday, November 21, in preparation for the Advent season.  Plans are being made to gather some people to change the dorsal curtains behind the altar from green to blue for the Advent season.

So it might be a good thing, from my perspective, to help us focus on the season of Advent, especially since we, as Lutherans, understand we are shaped into being disciples of Jesus through Worship, Catechesis, and Individual Prayer.  Each  season of the church liturgical year is meant to shape us with a particular message or emphasis.  With the coming of the Advent season, we will be starting another church year where the gospel emphasis will be on the Gospels Mark and John.

I want to focus on Advent alone apart from the celebration of the Christ-mass because it has its own unique emphasis.  Advent begins what we call the Cycle of Light that includes the seasons of Advent, where we wait, Christmas, where we rejoice, and Epiphany, where we manifest the light we have received.

So what is it that we are waiting for, preparing for in Advent?  Advent is about God coming to us.  We are preparing for the three ways God is coming to us in the Advent season.  We wait in days that are growing shorter and nights getting longer for God to come to us.  We wait with anticipation.  We wait with hope for God to come.  The season of Advent wants us to appreciate the three ways God comes to us to be with us.

The first focus of or waiting for God to come to us is a continuation of the message from Christ the King Sunday.  We are being asked first and foremost to be prepared, to be ready for God to come at the end of time for the full establishment of the reign of God as King.

The second preparation of the Coming of God is the introduction of John the Baptizer in weeks two and three of the Advent season who is there to prepare the way for the coming of the ministry of Jesus with his call to be baptized.  The coming of God now takes on a concrete form in the ministry of Jesus.

The third coming we are preparing for is the announcement of the birth of the Christ Child to Mary from the Gospel of Luke since Mark has no birth story associated with Jesus.  This brings us to the very edge of our celebration of Christ-mass.  But we are still waiting.

Advent is about the coming of God in Jesus the Christ.  This Advent we can ask, wonder about, and reflect upon the ways we are preparing for the coming God in our lives.  How do these three comings form our Advent spirituality?


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