From the Mission Endowment Fund Committee Chairperson, Michael Taiclet

Greetings and blessings to all from MEF.  I hope everybody’s summer is continuing to go well.  I know I have been enjoying mine thus far.  Anyway, I would like to just remind you about our progress since our last meeting.  I am still pleased to announce that we have decided upon a 2019 MEF Award recipient.  I am still not announcing the name of the recipient.  However, mark your calendars!  I would like to remind you that the MEF Award Sunday will be on Sunday, October 13 (the second Sunday of October), in which the award will be presented at both services to a representative of the 2019 MEF Award recipient.  I would also like to remind you that we will be meeting again in November and I am still looking for names of any groups and/or organizations that could benefit from our award.  A list of possible candidates needs to be ready in time for our November meeting in order to approve them as possible candidates.  Once approved, we then can sent out the necessary paperwork and applications to these groups in order for them to return the application back in time for our meeting in April.  So, I am asking if you know of any groups and/or organizations, please let any member of the MEF Committee know (Michael Taiclet, Missy LaRock, Ronda Leitch, Tootie Rogers, Lamar Shoemaker, Pastor Bill).  You may also leave a note in the MEF mailbox if you would like.  Finally, I would like to ask if anyone is interested in joining the MEF to please contact any member of the MEF Committee.  Currently there is one vacant spot on the Committee and beginning next February there will be another vacant spot to fill.  This is due to term limits being reached.  The Committee meets only twice a year on a Thursday night.  We meet once in April and again in November.  We are flexible to working around schedules.  Currently, due to me being in Bell Choir, our starting time has changed to 6:15 pm and we usually meet for about an hour.  So please let us know if you are interested.