From the Stewardship Committee Chairperson, Neal L’Amoureaux

2022 Stewardship Program – Where Your Heart Is – Humble Hearts:  A lot of people asked her the same question:  “So, when are you heading to seminary?”  The question bothered her every time she heard it.  Five years as a successful youth lay minister, and she was just now getting to establish real relationships with the kids.  She was good at her job.  Why did people think youth ministry was just a starting point?  Something you do on your way to a “real” job.  Seminary training may have brought higher compensation, more leadership responsibilities, and a chance to affect the larger church.  A move up?  She shook her head.  “I could be here a long time.  I don’t feel the Lord calling me anywhere else.  This is enough.”  She paused.  “It’s more than enough.”  You’ve heard the phrase, “Bloom where you are planted.”  This youth director certainly understood what the meant.  It is easy to get caught up in thinking about how we might serve “over there” or “after I get the right training” or “when I get a better job”.  Maybe a new job or a move is in your future, but God’s call to faithful stewardship is always about the present, blooming where and how you are planted.  If the future holds out the hope of even greater opportunities for service, so be it.  But remember, today was once your future.