From the Worship Committee Chairperson, Jan Was

Un-hanging of the Greens…Please plan to join us on Saturday, January 9, at 9:00 am to take down and put away all the Christmas decorations.  It’s a job that can be done in less than two hours.

 Thank you…A big thank you to Lynne Walters who, after five years, is stepping down as director of the bell choir.  Members of the bell choir will agree that we have enjoyed having Lynne as our director.  W especially enjoyed playing for church services and for Shepherd of the Valley.  She made it fun for us but also challenged us in some of the pieces we played.  Most of us learned to read music in school through band or private lessons.  Reviving those lessons wasn’t always easy for those of us that were many, many years from our high school days, but with Lynne’s patient teaching, we were able to make what we hoped were “beautiful sounds”.  Thank you Lynne!

From Lynne Walters…After 5 years, I am retiring as director of our bellchoir.  I have truly enjoyed the experience, mainly because of the dedication of the bellchoir members through the years.  Our rehearsals have been a combination of hard work and laughter.  The ringers’ dedication has resulted in not only playing Sunday worship services, but also going “on the road” the past three years with concerts at Howland Shepherd of the Valley.  Thank you to the past and present ringers, especially Darlene Altiere and Jan Was, who were with me the whole time.  I would also like to thank Rollie Walters for not only playing, but also for bell repair and the many other ways he has helped.  Thank you, congregation, for your support of the bellchoir through the years.  This is a very special group of musicians and I wish them well in the future.