From the Parish Nurse, Dora Muller

“The true meaning of Christmas is to be thankful for the blessings we received and share the love ministry of Jesus among us. “  Dora Muller

 Everybody has a strong opinion on how to meet the challenge of the past 12 months with the COVID-19 pandemic hanging over our heads.  We faced the hardship of physical separation even among family members, scarcity of household supplies, and the tendency to hoard dry goods and cleaning supplies.  But we have prevailed, a strong sense of community has emerged from the pandemic.  It is true we often missed many milestone celebrations:  births, weddings, graduations, and memorial services, all this because of the fear of being contaminated by the virus.  Personally, I can attest to the pain of seeing people separated from loved ones, being isolated in a small room, and the fear of not being able to breathe.  As a nurse, we follow nursing care protocol to provide the best care available.  We had many successful stories of patients recovering from the virus, but we have also experienced some losing battles.  As the Christmas season approaches, we are humbly thankful for our health and our families.  We are now about to share the spirit of Christmas with a message of hope as we continue to exercise caution and follow the guidelines to wear a mask, keep social distance, and maintain our surroundings clean of virus.  More important, we should not let the fear of the virus upset our zest for life.  Let’s celebrate Christmas season by keeping healthy and still stay in touch with family and friends, but at a smaller scale.  My advice is to still remember the spirit of Christmas, but avoid unnecessary large gatherings and eventually we will be able to be winners over the virus.  From my family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal, and the hope that 2021 will be the best year ever.