From Pastor William D. Leitch

During February we are in the season of Epiphany.  Some synonyms for epiphany are flash, insight, inspiration, oracle, realization, vision, sign, surprise.  The scriptures from Matthew are teachings of Jesus.  They are short – a flash.  They give us some focus as to what is important from Jesus – an insight.  They certainly make sense and present how the world should behave in a safe way – inspiring.  They tell us how the world could be – a realization and a vision.  They catch us off guard perhaps when we want to judge others – a surprise.

In 37 short verses you can fill up three weeks in February pondering these verses and how these verses, lived out by you, can change the world.  (Matthew 5:1-37).

Next, we observe the Transfiguration of Jesus on February 23.  Just as God spoke at the baptism of Jesus, God speaks again to those with Jesus.  If they didn’t get it the first time, maybe they will understand this time – A SURPRISE – “This is my Son!  Listen to Him!”  Yes, another epiphany, but this time we are on the road to complete the mission Jesus was sent to do.  We are on our way to Jerusalem and Calvary.

Finally, we will observe Ash Wednesday on February 26 and begin our journey through the season of Lent in March.  Please join together and prepare for the journey.

Come and see!  Come and learn!  Come see God’s vision!

Pastor Bill


Ash Wednesday… Ash Wednesday is on February 26.  We will have worship services at 12:00 noon and 7:00 pm.

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