From the Parish Nurse, Dora Muller

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”  Doug Larson

2020 will be the best year yet.  Personally, I like the sound of 2020 and yes, I have big plans for this year.  One of my plans is to maintain my health by following a healthier diet and trying to understand the role of vitamins and minerals and how they affect my health.  For years, I claimed that my regular diet was enough to supply me with all the daily requirements, but my husband has had other ideas.  He truly believes that we need additional supplements to complement our diet.  A trip to the over-the-counter supplements at our local pharmacy opened my eyes to A to Z multitudes of vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that claim to make our bodies function better.  Multivitamins and herbal supplements constitute a huge business where a new brand name enters the market every day.  Is it better to take a single pill supplement or spend more on nutritious foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy products?  In the next months we will explore the world of vitamins and their benefits.  High doses of supplements can be harmful, but at the same time they can help reduce the risk for heart disease, cancer, recognitive decline, and most important, prevent an early death.  Please join me in a journey through the world of vitamins and let’s examine the question—is there really much benefit to multivitamins?