From the Pastor, William D. Leitch

We start the month of November with All Saints Sunday.  We remember all the saints who have gone before us.  But let’s take a moment to ponder, what is a saint?

In the Lutheran church, we understand that we are all “saints” and “sinners”.  We are not all good and we are not all bad; however, we know that we are made worthy by what Christ has already done.  We focus on what God calls us to be and to do.  We lift up the example that each and every one of us has been that would inspire others to live faithfully.

We just celebrated and recognized over a dozen saints at the Valley Legacy Awards Banquet in October.  All of them were inspiring.  When we focus on the light of Christ that shines from each of us, I find that we tend to focus more on Christ and less on those things that would distract us.

I caution you all, again, do not think that the little things you do are not worth much.  Remember the “young girl”, a slave, who showed mercy, shared a vision that would actually work, and resulted in the cure of her master’s leprosy.  That powerful, wealthy, egotistical commander was more than healed.  He was transformed like a “young boy” with a vision to care for others and to see God, like the “young girl”.  That is what the light of Christ is.  It is transforming, and you hold that light.

As we work together with St. Paul and Prince of Peace to build up our youth, we have witnessed very powerful moments and witnessed God’s presence in this effort.  A group of young children from the neighborhood were invited to come in and eat supper before the older kids started their program and lesson that night.  Some would not have had supper at their home.  They were thankful.  Still, some were so energetic that their thankfulness was not apparent, and they needed to go home so we could start working with the older youth.  It was getting dark and one boy, who was a bit more mature than the others, wanted to stay and learn with the others.  Darlene sat outside with him for an hour and she taught him stories from the Bible.  She empowered him to share what stories he knew a bit about.  He will soon turn 12 years old, and Pr. Ann Marie officially invited him to join us starting the very next class.  This young boy had the courage to persist and we were all joyfully changed.  Thank you, Darlene!

At the end of the month, we will again remember who this Christ is.  Christ is the King!  And Christ will change you.


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