From the Property Committee Chairperson, Rolland Walters

As the Property Committee winds up its outside projects, we will be focusing on projects inside of the church.  The outside projects recently completed were the cutting up and removal of a 50 foot pine tree on the back of the property that had blown down over the summer.  We also cleared about 75% of the brush in the back of the property.  We will complete the other 25% in the spring.  We also took a day to remove all of the flowers and tilled the flower beds in preparation for the next spring planting.  We hosted 3 precincts for Howland Township voting.  Neal L’Amoureaux and I set up the tables and my wife, Nancy, baked cookies and muffins and made coffee for the poll workers as they put in a long day.  They were super appreciative of the treats.  Neal and I had a big surprise waiting for us when we returned to put tables back after voting was over.  The wind was blowing out of the west all day and blew all the leaves in the back door.  The entire area from the door to the steps and halfway down the Education Wing was covered.  It usually takes about 45 minutes to put the tables and chairs back, but this time it took us 2 hours.  I have taken the church tractor home to change the oil and filters and to sharpen the blades.  It will then be returned to the church shed for the winter.  The kitchen will be painted and the new flooring installed as our first inside project.  The materials for this job have already been donated.  The Property Committee is always looking for new members.  At this time, the Committee consists of all men over 68 years of age.  This prohibits us from performing some of the jobs by ourselves.  We really need some younger members to step up and help.  Women are also encouraged to join.