From the Fellowship Committee Chairperson, Nancy Walters

Thank you to all who helped with the picnic for Rally Day.  In the beginning, I was not sure it was going to work out since only 12 had signed up.  But it turned out OK with about 35 people attending.  The pot luck was a true pot luck.  What was brought was what we ate!  And what a variety…from lasagna to Texas sheet cake!


TALC Meeting at Living Lord…The Fellowship Committee provided soup and sandwiches for the TALC meeting on August 29.  Thanks to Darlene Altiere and Pat Butts for their help in setting up, serving, and cleaning up.  Thanks to Bonnie Sanzenbacher and Jan Was for providing the desserts.


Fellowship in October…Our next Fellowship will be on Sunday, October 28, Reformation/Confirmation.  I have been cleaning and sorting out items in the kitchen and in the Fellowship closet.  A wish list will be posted on the bulletin board for items that are needed.  Some Fellowships will have mismatched silverware or plates or cups in order to not waste what we have.  Maybe the October Fellowship will have the theme “One of these things ain’t like the other”.