From the Property Committee Chairperson, Rolland Walters

*          Parking lot lights – installation will be completed by the end of October.

*          Landscaping in the front of sanctuary – The new cross was installed with new landscaping planned and completed by next spring.  Plans include bricking from the cross to the sidewalk, adding benches, and planting flowers/bushes.  This project was funded by an anonymous donor.


Organ Update

*          The wiring for the new speakers has been installed.  The installation of the actual speakers will occur during the week of October 23.

*          The organ installation date has yet to be determined.


Projects for upcoming winter months will include:

*          Waxing floors in Fellowship Hall, kitchen, bathrooms, and narthex.

*          Cleaning of carpets beginning in the Education Wing and proceeding to complete the sanctuary.  I have a professional carpet cleaning machine and the only cost to the congregation will be the soap, for a savings of hundreds of dollars.

*          Replace the rubber floor trim in the narthex with a ceramic tile baseboard.

*          Repaint women’s restroom to correct the overflow of spray from the Education Wing insulation.


Projects I would like to complete before my term as Property Chairperson is done (yet to be quoted):

*          The two furnaces that supply heat for the sanctuary are about 18 years old.  Heating specialists that have been in for other services have informed me that they are running on borrowed time and need replaced.

*          Two furnaces for the Education Wing are over 15 years old and I would also like to see them replaced before the end of my term.


Our Property Committee meeting times are posted on the bulletin board in the narthex.  We are always looking for new members, especially younger, able-bodied ones that can help but will take suggestions and donations anytime.