From the Parish Nurse, Dora Muller

The summer is winding down and around the valley the canning season is in full swing.  Almost all my co-workers have the pantry full with tomatoes, hot peppers in oil, green beans, peaches, and the list goes on.  If you can plant, you can preserve it.  One of the dangers of canning is botulism, which is food poisoning.  Every fall there are reports of foodborne botulism.  Botulism came from the Latin which means sausage.  It was first identified in Germany during an outbreak of sickening as a result of contaminated sausage.  When one follows the canning process for safe home canning, the risk of developing botulism decreases.  Always sterilize your jars, use new lids for the jars, follow the safety directions to canning, and your harvest will be available for months to come.